Bantu Jawab: pidato singkat untuk anak SD bahasa Inggris​

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pidato singkat untuk anak SD bahasa Inggris​

Jawaban #1 untuk Pertanyaan: pidato singkat untuk anak SD bahasa Inggris​


‘Good morning my teacher and friends. I thank God for His blessing, and the teacher for choosing me to deliver this message to you all. Today I want to tell you about thing that are so close in our life but often forgotten.

We all know that plastic waste take a long time to decompose. It can take up to 1000 years to decompose plastic in the landfills. Long isn’t it? Most of the plastic waste also ended up in the ocean that caused an interference to the ocean’s ecosystem.

It is sad to know how small the number of people nowadays who have started to consider recycling plastic waste into something useful instead of throwing them into the bin. And yet, that is still not everyone whom has done this so far. We need to be more aware of the environment and be eco-friendly, or the future generation will suffer.

The society has dealt with flood and water waste pollution. Without realizing it or not, most of the reason is because we do not throw trash into the bin and just throw it carelessly. Therefore, it’s time for us to take action and be more considerate.

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Throwing away trash into its rightful place, which is the bin, may seem petty, but big things start with little steps.

Thank you.’


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